Counter Watch v0.02

    Welcome to the homepage for Counter Watch, a simple utility to monitor your webcounters, removing the need to open up a browser to simply see how many people have visited your pages. Easy to use, easy to configure, and best of all, it's freeware!

    Counter Watch was created using Microsoft's Visual Basic 4 on a Pentium machine running Windows 95. This was my second attempt at coding this program, the first one having the data files for the program to watch for hardcoded into the program. This time around, however, everything is user specified, making this version suitable for release to the general public.

    The operation of Counter Watch is fairly straightforward. If you run into any problems, please refer to the readme.txt file included in the zip. If you run into any errors please email me and I will try and fix them. I tried to get all the bugs I could think of out of the program, but I'm pretty sure there's a few I missed lurking around someplace.

    As of yet, there is no Internet connectivity included in Counter Watch. This means that for it to work properly, you must run the program on the same computer or LAN that you run your counter program on. For LAN users, you must be able to read the drive and directory that the counter data files reside on. Also, this program only works on the Windows 95/NT platform.

    Counter Watch's operation is based off of the Count counter, created by Muhammad A. Muquit. The homepage for this counter is at I've found his counter program to be very reliable and useful, having used it for the past year or so.

Downloading and Installing

    Setting up Counter Watch takes three simple steps:
        1)  Download (Can't open .zip files? Try WinZip...)
        2)  Unzip into the directory of your choice.
        3)  Run cwatch.exe

    If you have any further questions, please consult the file readme.txt which will be unzipped into the same directory as cwatch.exe.

Page last modified: Oct. 15, 1997
Author: Andy Heroff <>
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