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This is simply a gallery of some of the three-dimensional renderings I have done using the trueSpace2 package. I've just been playing around with it, learning how to use it on my own and with the help of the Caligari trueSpace2 Bible, published by IDG Books. Most images are around 640x480 in size and have a color depth of 24-bits (16M colors). All animations are in the AVI video format, and should be compatible with the players of all the more recent browsers (Netscape and IE 3.0+). If you like my work, please feel free to send me email at the address at the bottom of my page or sign my guestbook on the main page. Enjoy!

Stacked Balls - This was one of the first renders I attempted using a tutorial in the book mentioned above. Very simple, and probably typical of most first renders, it involves 5 spheres and a plane to put together, taking maybe about 5 minutes.

The Pencil - I made this particular model on a boring weekend. I was sitting at my desk, trying to think of something to try rendering, and my eyes fell on my pencil cup. I grabbed one, and 10 minutes later, I had tossed together a quick model of it. Threw on some textures, and let the render engine chug away. Even I was a bit surprised at the outcome. I also managed to corrupt the SCN file for this model, so no, I can't fix the size of the pencil lead :p

The Rook - This is another one that I could never quite figure out what went wrong on. The idea was simple enough, take the most geometrically simple chess piece in the game and model it in trueSpace. Another very simple project, using a couple cylanders, a cube, and the object deformation and subtraction tools. Even the wireframe looked great. I render it, and suddenly it's gone! Strange enough, the reflection on the checkered board looks absolutely fine. I decided to give up, and scrapped the SCN file, but kept this picture because it did look pretty nifty.

Savannah - This was one of my first shots at creating a logo for this site. I scrapped it after a while though because it just didn't look quite right, and to get the full effect of all the reflections and stuff, it would have been just too large. As you can see, the final logo above is much simpler, but still pretty cool. This version of the logo also took forever to render because of the glass texture and all the refractions.

Space Tanker - This particular model was also one of the tutorials in the book I have. It was a bit mode complicated than the Balls tutorial, taking a good 30-45 minutes to walk through. There are a lot of cooler features on this however, including radial details, and some more object deformations. I added the engines at the back on a whim after seeing that the tutorial in the book resulted in a rather dull looking tanker.


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