The Personal Propaganda page of Troy Benjegerdes

You have obviously found my home page.. My name is Troy Benjegerdes, and I am an Electrical Engineering student at Iowa State University

Most of the time, I am either studying, or working on Linux for PowerPC. My macintosh computer spends 99% of it's time running Linux and other free software. I can get just about anything done using free software that I could with Windows or MacOS. Since I can get the source code for Linux, if there is something I want to do but can't, I can write a program to do it for me.

Now for some food for thought.. Since finding out about Linux, I've become a somewhat of a free software 'fanatic'... Take a look at my mostly completed rant about free software, and think about it a little..

Given all the recent open-souce hoopla, I started thinking.. What about open souce hardware? So I wrote about it for my Management 310 (entrepreneurship) class. Read it here

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