Honalulu airport

Mom at the restaurant

Trees of Life

These things are found all over the islands...

A night walk along the beach

Footsteps in the sand...
Ships in the night.
The "rainbow" building.

The Arizona Memorial

The Bhuddist Temple

Bhudda's Gift Shop

A restaurant near the airport

The runway

Hiking in the local rain forest

Out of the forest, into the water...

Supposedly, a giant sea turtle.
Both of these islands are bird sanctuaries. Visitors not allowed.

(Snorkeling pictures not included, since digital cameras and water don't mix)

Lookout Point

The upside-down waterfall.
When the winds are just right, water flows out of this and flows (gets blown) up the mountain.

Terrestrial Growing Pains

Steam rising from a crater.
Land forming in the distance. There is an active lava flow to which visitors can hike 1.5 miles from the end of the road. If you're unprepared for a long hike over razor-sharp volcanic rock (need long pants, water, sunscreen, gas mask, shotgun, etc., etc.), you can take the short [300 ft] trail to get closer to the noxious fumes.

Waikiki Beach in the Sun

Leaving for Atlantis


The Atlantis XIV is a 64-seat commercial submarine.

Unda da sea...

The kids go parasailing