"Insanity and Chaos"

Welcome, my freinds to...

Greyhawkes Center of unENLIGHTENED Thought

HEADS UP! Some things have changed! Be sure to look around wher you least expect to find something new :)

Feel free to take a look at the wisdom, craziness, and insanity that inhabit these pages. They take care to describe for you the person that I am, and those who have influenced me. Also chronicled in these pages are some of my hobbies, some pictures, and who knows, maybe a little original work by me. Beware, though. This is a chronical of those in my life, if you find an error, mistatement, or would like to comment, please e-mail me at talon23@dodds.net.

What, me? A FATHER?!?!?!
Thats right... I'm gonna be a daddy :) Baby stuff Here.

Enter the Asylum
Where freinds and influnces can be found
The transfer Point
My freinds Pages and other cool links.
Writings and other stuff
You really want to know what goes on in my mind???

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