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Oh look, a vanity page. Ho-hum.

I'm not a big fan of personal homepages; those who know me understand that I have better things to do with my time than maintain one. But I'm also involved in a large number of projects, and like any good hacker who believes in the virtue of hubris, I want people to know about them. So I've decided to spruce up this web page a bit and actually link to all the things I'm currently working on because ultimately, I want them to be useful to people. So here goes.

Project links

I am a hacker (the Stephen Levy kind, not the script kiddie kind) by trade and avocation, and as such, I'm always working on half a dozen projects at any given time--much to the chagrin of my wife and other friends. Here's a list of a few such projects tied to the Open Source community.

Political links

Freedom of information is one of the fundamental liberties upon which the Internet was built, and anyone who believes that the right to keep oneself well-informed in unimportant needs to read Orwell for a more substantial purpose than a high school book report. To a hacker, freedom of information is doubly important, for information is the medium in which we work.

Yet in every age, there are those who wish to keep the general populace ignorant. In the present day the greatest enemies of personal liberty in the United States are corporations. Legally bound to hold profit as their only consideration, they stomp on freedom wherever convenient. In this section, I look at some of the things we can all do to fight back.

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Projects Politics Professional links Personal links

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