This Page has a few of many writings and quotations. A few of these are done by myself, and others are done by friends and famous people. I will start this page with one of my favorite quotes ever.
"Without meaning, there is no incentive to win."
                             Dan Gable, Iowa Wrestling Coach
This quote is a favorite of mine because I am a wrestler, and this was once stated to his team. This quote was told to me at a one week wrestling camp up at the University of Iowa. He also stated that this is why his team dominates.
Click Here for a VERY FUNNY POEM about Man vs. Women.
This is another favorite little quote of mine. I'm not exactly sure who said it, but it fits my personality well.
"You can only be young once, you can be inmature forever"
This quote is one that was said by at one time a great man. This is in simplified form to be understood better.
"It is not the critic that counts. It is not the man who points out
how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have
done him better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the
arena. Who strives, who spends himself, and who if at worst fails, 
fails while daring, so his heart will never be with those cold and 
timid souls that know either victory nor defeat."
                                        Teddy Roseveltte
Another great quote by this great president of the past, was his quote about gunboat diplomacy. This quote still carries much meaning even in todays world.
"Talk softly, and carry a big stick"
Those are just a few of my favorites that I know. There are many more but they well not be posted. Here is a sample of poetry from a friend of mine who is excellent whn it comes to being on stage.
"For fun he wore a gun, he wore two, just not one."
And heres one more.
"Shes a thief, she stole my heart, and my cat."
Here is a poem that I wrote while I was a freshmen. I wrote this in less than 5 mins. for a class assignment, so if you don't like it, that is your opinion!!!
Do not fear,
what you do not understand,
it has happened before,
in all sorts of lands.
Try to gain knowledge,
rather than be incompetent.
Seek more than you desire
and maybe someday youíll come to inspire.
Rather than be scared,
of what you do not understand,
Try to become prepared.
Grab ignorance with your hands,
strangle its life, tear it in strands.
And when this is accomplished,
youíll come to see,
your life is better,
because you were inspired by me.

This was another poem that I wrote in that same class on the same day, in that same 5 mins. I thought it was kind of neat, so I posted it for everybody to see.

Run from me child,
canít you see?
My power is not even limited by the sea.
Run from me child,
canít you see?
Your ignorance gives an advantage to me.
Run from me child,
canít you see?
I am by far superior to thee.
Run from me child,
canít you see?
Your lack of intelligence amuses me.
Run from me child,
canít you see?
Enough of your childish games, PLEASE?
Run from me child,
canít you see?
OOPS, you waited too long, now you belong to ME!!!
This is just a line that I thought of one day while contemplating the theroies of life while I was bored.
"Death is an experience that must be lived to the fullest"
This is a saying that I picked up at work, and regers to me at no way, except for the fact I had a neat icon to go with it.
"Women, you can't live with them, and you can have sex without them"
Here is a quote that I got from the best article in the world. L.M. Boyd
"All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward."
For Now, this well be all the TEXT that I will have on here. More well be added very soon. Stay tuned for more great writings and sayings.
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