I suppose it is about time I tried to have an actual homepage.

So what do people put on these things anyway? I'm not all that great at being creative, or more acurately, I don't have the energy, or time lately, to be creative. I hate the all about me pages. Can't stand the here are my friends pages. So I think I'll start off with a people I have pictures of page. That way I don't have to worry about who my friends are, and deciding who to put at the top, who comes next and so on and so forth. I have noticed that people are always whining that "I'm after so and so, I'm a better friend than they are." or "Why wasn't I on so and so's page, I'm their friend, I am always there for them" and the infamous, they pissed me off so I'm going to remove them from my page. I guess it's about like burning all their pictures and momentos you have of them. Unless you get a confirmation that has been removed when you get rid of their picture and your now defunkt happy description of them, it just doesn't pack the punch of a huge bonfire. Call me silly.

I suppose I should try to be a little more unsynical, most likely, the only people who will be reading this will be my mom, my sister and a couple other relatives (hi all!!). Just in case that doesn't pan out to be the truth, I had to have the previous section, hope you understand. 
What next? I suppose I could tell about all of my pictures , or maybe I sould send you to some wierd wacky out of the blue site. But then, we run into the problem of broken or you aren't allowed into this place sites. So I think I'll just stick to what I am working on. Which, by the way, if you run into something that doesn't link right, tell me. I'll try to change it. I've got it!!! I'll bore you to tears, and be the typical college student and send you to my. university's homepage.

Like I said, I'm not all that creative, and I don't have that much time to work on these things, so be patient. If I get enough flame mail, I'll get around to changing it again.

This page was last changed March 27, 1998