well, here i am. no capital letters. this is how i realy type. you wouldn't believe all the time i spend going back and making sure that there are capital letters everywhere!!!

i suppose you are waiting for me to tell you about my childhood and all the acomplishments. there isn't much to tell. i grew up south of iowa city, iowa outside of a small town called hills. they have their own elementary school (which got air and remodeled the summer after i left). went to northwest junior high, had about a zillion crushes. one of them was a genuine ass. he knew he was good looking and stuff, i realy learned after that one. another lasted for i don't know how many years. he had the most amazingly georgeous blue eyes. unfortunately i was not able to attend his funeral. he died in a car accident a year or so after he moved.(if i remember the story right, he was drunk) speaking of drunk drivers being killed, my brother was killed in an accident in march of 1997. he was the only one who was injured, he ran into a pole at the end of the driveway and the car caught on fire. back to less depressing stuff. i'm sure that you aren't as accustomed to my candidness about my life. there have been people who say that i should be commended for living through everything i have, but i swear that my life has been a cakewalk compared to most, at least most of the people i know. hrrm. not depressing stuff...my son was born on february 19, 1998. my husband and i got married five days before my husband's birthday (i still had to get him a birthday present...).

right now, i'm enjoying my summer here in ames, iowa. just waiting for classes to start. i can't believe i'm sitting in here typing away at the computer while it's such a nice day outside.

other stuff about me, hobbies. playing the piano (haven't had the chance to do that in a few years), annoying troy (i'm real good at that one), collecting stamps (haven't done that in about five or so years, but my collection probiably is worth around $2000, thanks to an aproximately $1000 stamp i own), playing with dante (the kid mentioned above), and generaly just making a mess (it's much funner than cleaning).

i guess i also enjoy trying to come up with ideas on how i want to live my life after i get a bs in horticulture from iowa state university. the most recent one involves creating the perfect community for me and my family. i have noticed that dna only goes so far in determining how you turn out. if you are raised in the right type of community that encourages people to be good instead of turning their heads or going overboard when someone messes up, then you generaly turn out pretty darn well.

i can't think of much else to blab about so i'll just leave you to your devices. thanks for stopping by!!! come again soon. maybe next time we'll have turkey sandwiches.