Ask Andy! - Issue 9, Series 1 - July, 1998

Mr. Right?

Dear Andy:
Hi. I need your non-expert advice. I met a guy; He's funny, cute, nice, cool to hang out with, and he likes me. We had something going for a while, but a week ago he hooked up with his ex girlfriend. I don't know why. We haven't stopped talking. He calls me back EVERY time I page him, talks to me on the phone even when his girlfriend is at his house, tells me he likes me (and he tells my friend that)-but he won't break up with his ex! I think he's afraid to break up with her because he's been with her so long, he says he loves her, but I wonder if he really does (why would he be talking to me?), and he thinks they should be able to work things out. His girlfriend hates me and I'm tired of playing these games with him! What should I do?
Tired in Davenport

Dear Tired:
I think that you should break off any romantic relationship with this guy IMMEDIATELY! Even if you really truly DID love you, he'd still be trouble because he's a compulsive liar. Also, in the name of decency, if this girl doesn't realize that he has made romantic overtones towards you, then I think that you should make her aware that he has, for her sake. Be prepared though... It's likely that she's going to blame you for his actions, and any problems in the relationship. This guy may think that he's being a pimp, but really, he's just a simple jerk, and harmful to everyone close to him!

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