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Well, here I am, on issue 7 of "Ask Andy", and it's already becoming a cult favorite, but why I began to write this column eludes most people, especially myself. The only conclusion that I am able to attain is that the human spirit yearns to receive advice or opinions above the par of Ann Landers and her sister Dear Abby. I began writing this, I guess, out of the fact that I had always wanted to read something like this, and write to it for advce. I had always wanted somehitng real, that I could identify with, or at least compare it to the mentality of someone I know. I had wanted a column to deal more with than absurd, useless, "heartwarming" stories on how old people who have never accomplished anything notable met. I have always wanted to read about things more eclectic than stories about internet bisexual pedophile sex addictions. I wanted somehting that I knew.

I decided that if I didn't write a column like this, there was a good chance that no one would have enough balls to try to htemself, and my dream of seeing somehting like this would just crumble away like dry rotted wood. Whether the questions or concepts I deal with are real or fake, serious or a joke, nice or mean, they are always sincere on some level of human subconscious, which is basically what I think makes this magazine important, and what makes it therapeutic not just to my readers, but to myself. Well, thank you for your time, and I hope you enjoy reading "Ask Andy". Adios.
Editor, writer, and jack of all trades for "Ask Andy".

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